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The Honest Truth: How To Get A Perfect Six Pack

Everyone knows that, more than anything else, a perfect body can be defined by a great set of abs. There’s very little that’s more attractive, than a tightly-carved midsection. A set of perfect six pack abs screams out for attention – and that’s created a world that’s crazy about the perfect ab workouts for men – and for women.

That means we’re now surrounded by an incredible number of ab training gimmicks, ab exercise gadgets and “foolproof programs,” which allegedly will give you the perfect abs in a month – or a week – or a day. But despite all of these miracle products and fabulous information, most guys still haven’t come close to developing decent abs, let alone great ones. An man’s average waist size has now reached an all-time high; but you don’t need us to tell you that – just look around. You see it everywhere you look.

That leads to one question: why? Quite simply, all of these “miracle” programs have only one component: traditional exercise. And the truth is that you can’t carve that midsection into shape  without burning off your excess belly fat. You can work your abs all day and night, but unless you’re doing the right type of workout, you’re not going to get much of anywhere. Thankfully, there are terrific exercises which will melt away that belly fat while also carving out a perfect six pack.

So what are the right type of ab workouts for men, to accomplish both goals?

  1. A training routine that focuses on full body resistance. This will be the centerpiece of a program to lose belly fat through exercise, because of the high-level stimulation your metabolism will receive as you work several of your muscle groups at the same time. The routine should include exercises like the squat press combo, the one arm DB split snatch, and the modified KB turkish getup. All of them burn a ton of calories while you’re doing the workout; but they also boost your metabolism, meaning your body will be literally forced into burning fat for hours.
  2. High-intensity cardio workouts. Activities like rope jumping doubles, sprints, bodyweight jumps and power wheel walks will burn a lot more calories, while also boosting your metabolism significantly. These workouts can be tough, but because they’re so intense they take a lot less time than you’d expect. You can even see great results with workouts as short as ten minutes.
  3. Ab exercises which will also give your entire body a workout. Forget those “isolated” exercises that so-called experts tout for developing perfect abs – they won’t do anything to burn off belly fat. What you need are “turbo” ab exercises like med-ball explosive pikes; they’ll increase your heart rate and force your body into burning lots of calories. That means you’re losing that stubborn body fat while also sculpting those abs.
  4. Eating properly. The #1 reason people develop excess belly fat is a chronically-high level of insulin. Experts say that you should try to build your diet around whole foods such as lean proteins like chicken and turkey breasts, fish and egg whites; vegetables, fruits and nuts; whole grains and a limited amount of fat-free dairy products. And of course, that means avoiding flour, sugars, processed foods and saturated fat. That will keep your insulin levels – and your body fat – down.

None of that is easy – but it is simple:  a well-defined path to your perfect six pack.

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