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Little-Known Ab Exercises You Should Try

What kind of ab exercises will give you a six pack worth showing off? It seems pretty obvious: the crunches, the leg raises – you know the stuff.

Well, those will certainly help, but the foremost expert on ab workouts for men, John Alvino, says that just doing crunches isn’t going to give you the best return on your investment of time and effort. That’s because they’re ONLY ab exercises; they don’t do a thing for other muscle groups. And that means you’re not going to burn off many calories.

What you really want are ab exercises which will also speed up your metabolism by working your entire body, leading to the loss of calories and fat – and totally ripped abs. What are those exercises? John has agreed to share three that he really likes.

1.  Tuck Jumps
Begin with your feel spread, a little closer together than shoulder-width. Do a knee bend, about eight inches or so – and then jump into the air, bringing your knees to your chest, in a “tuck” position. Make sure to keep your back straight with your head and chest up. Land with your feet making full contact, and then repeat the tuck jump immediately.

2.  Medicine Ball Slams
Again, begin with your feet spread as you hold a medicine ball. Bring the ball back behind your head, and quickly throw the ball, as forcefully as possible, to the ground, as if you’re swinging an axe. Bend over, catch the medicine ball after it bounces, and repeat the slam.

3.  Renegade Rows
Start this one on the floor, as if you’re going to do pushups, but with your hands positioned on top of two dumbbells. You don’t want your hips to start sagging, so be sure to brace your body by tightening your abs as much as possible. Shift your weight to the right arm, and “row” the dumbbell on your left by pulling it in the direction of your left hip – then do the same thing inb the other side. Repeat.

That wasn’t too bad, was it? Three of John Alvino’s fat-burning ab exercises for men who want to work their midsections with the best results. Give them a try – and if you’re looking for an even better workout…..check out’s John’s complete ab workout program here.