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All About the Ab Rocket

When you think of an ab workout, you probably think of crunches. However, as any crunch aficionado will tell you, doing crunch reps and sets day in and day out can put excess strain on your neck and back. This in turn limits the amount of crunches you can do. Ab Rocket has come to your rescue, to help you tone your abs while giving your back and neck all the comfort that they deserve.

Boiled down to a simple comparison, the Ab Rocket is essentially a chair with a back rest that provides resistance when you lean on it. This abdominal trainer uses a traditional rocking motion, so when you are doing your Ab Rocket crunches, your head and back should touch the floor; to complete the crunch, you simply lean forward. Since your back and neck are being protected at the same time they’re being worked out, you can focus on toning your abs without getting hurt. Generally, you keep your feet firmly on the ground while using this powerful belly fat burning machine. But if you are looking for an extra-powerful workout, keep your legs stretched out and bring your knees to your chest when you lean back. This allows you to work out your upper abs, which often are ignored when doing other types of ab workouts.

The Ab Rocket is known for its fast results. In fact, you can do wonders for your abs, in just five minutes a day. This makes it a terrific choice if you need to get into great shape in a hurry. The Ab Rocket abdominal trainer comes with four workout DVDs, which can help you to use the machine to its fullest. It also comes with a detailed nutritional plan, to perfectly complement the ab exercises you’ll be doing. Be aware, though – the Ab Rocket isn’t a miracle worker. As with any other workout equipment, the ab rocket abdominal trainer requires a commitment. You may only need to do five minutes per day – but you do need to do it regularly to see that six pack of rock-hard abs.

In short, the Ab Rocket is a well-designed machine that allows you to maximize your ab workouts, as you do increasing number of crunches. Its back support minimizes discomfort, allows you to work those abs without distraction. It’s a valuable addition to anyone’s training arsenal.