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Understanding the Ab Circle

Toning your abs can easily be the toughest and most boring workout imaginable. And losing the flab around your belly requires what can be a painful commitment to crunches – certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why the Ab Circle has been called a revolution in home ab workouts.

The Ab Circle is essentially a machine which works out your entire core: it combines ab exercises, a cardio workout and helps you burn fat, all in a matter of three minutes. The makers of the machine say that three minutes with the Ab Circle is equivalent to doing 100 situps, and they guarantee that you will lose ten pounds in only 14 days, or you’ll pay nothing. The guarantee apparently isn’t needed by most people, though; more than two million Ab Circles have been sold in more than eighty countries.

The Ab Circle works out your upper, lower and middle abdominal muscles as well as your obliques. This is much more than you’ll find in most ab workouts (whether or not they’re done with an exercise machine). When you workout out your entire core, you’ll lose your flab faster; the machine also focuses on eliminating stubborn love handles. This is done with what the designers call gyrological motion, sliding your body from side to side to tone your torso; and circular motion, which essentially works out your waist The combination of these motions gives you the flattest stomach possible, and is why they call the Ab Rocket a “treadmill for the abs.” The Ab Circle Pro also comes with adjustable resistance levels, so whether you are a novice to ab workouts or want to maintain your current set of six-packs, the machine has settings designed just for you.

Ab Circle also comes with a companion nutritional plan, so you can supplement the perfect ab workout with the perfect diet. But diet aside, there’s a reason why Ab Circle is the best-selling ab workout machine in the world – and that’s the machine itself. To learn more, just click on the banner to the right.